Christmas Cookies 2013 – Day 0

It’s that time of year again!

Maybe it’s the influence of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, or perhaps it’s my brain, on the heels of a massive “visual identity refresh” at work, but it’s all about military precision this year in terms of planning.  Coulson would be proud of my tenacity, creativity and downright anal retentive-ness for the details this year.  I even made a multi-tabbed spreadsheet.

Don’t get me wrong– there’s a lot of wiggle room around what “success” means this year.  I’m going to try to match last year’s 20 types of cookies this year (in the boxes), but there’s 8 other cookies I want to try this year that are going to be “tray” cookies (meant for eating only).  Some of this year’s experiments include:

Chocolate Heath bar
Shortbread Trio: Salted Caramel shortbread, Cranberry short bread, Earl Grey shortbread
Cherry Walnut balls
Red Velvet Crinkles

Added to the adventure and the danger is the packaging challenge/theme.  I struggled with this one–I waned to do something completely different, but I’m a magpie and get distracted by shiny objects and pretty colors…So I’m going back to a theme I did a previous year, but I’m doing it the way I wish I had the first time I tried it.  And yeah people, there’s feathers involved…

I ordered supplies online this year, bypassing the insane mark-up of Paper Source and overnight shipping because I forgot something.  I found some really great suppliers this year, which I’m willing to share.

  • Paper Mart – Probably the most comprehensive packaging source I can find. Fast shipping too!
  • Paper Mojo – hand crafted paper from around the world. Fancypants and not as pricy as Paper Source.
  • Fancy Flours – Specialty baking supplies (cake porn)
  • ecrandal – Handmade copper cookie cutters (seriously, these are works of art)

My favorite purchase has to be the copper cookie cutters– ecrandal, you pretty much rock my socks off.  These cutters are beautiful, quality and fairly priced.  I would buy again in a heartbeat.

Copper cutters from ecrandal










I also ordered some cookie cutters from–a little disappointing (no false advertising there), but they had some shapes that I couldn’t find elsewhere, like the fox in honor of the utterly stupid Ylvis song that I sing to annoy The Husband.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, it’s all in the prep this year, and I’m determined not to stress out or work myself to death this year.  I’m going to try & take it slow and really enjoy the journey this year.

Famous last words?



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