Christmas Cookies 2013 – Day 1

Start Time: 3:00 pm

Stop Time: 2:57 am

Goal: 20 types of cookies, packages, wrapped & ready to deliver on Thursday 12/12

Completed: Vanilla Sugar (8x), Chocolate Sugar (4x), Chocolate dipped Oreos

Mixed: Lemon Sugar rounds (4x), Coffee Chocolate Kringles (4x), Mint Chocolate swirls (4x)

Let me start by saying…Doh!  Yeeeeah…I ran out of salt before I got the first batch of cookies in the oven today.  Who’s a dummy? Me.  You can’t bake without salt.






Anyway, things went pretty well after The Husband went to the store.  It was a heavy day– sugar cookies always sap the energy from me.  All the mixing, rolling, cutting, quick oven swapping– it’s a big hurdle.  My plan was to get all the cookies I need to flood over and done with asap so I can start icing them tomorrow.  That way, they have several days to dry.  I feel like I didn’t make much progress, however I know I have.  The stacks and stacks of sugar cookies ready to be iced is all the proof I need.

The Husband contributed to the madness this year & dipped 121 Oreos so I can paint peacock feathers on them (we did this a year or so ago–they came out beautifully).  Again, the plan is to do all the embellishments at once so I don’t need to re-mix luster dust paint. So, some of the heavy lifting is done.

It was pouring rain tonight, and in the back of my mind I was a little worried the electricity would go out and I’d be screwed.  It brought back memories of the year (I think it was 2009) when we were having power problems– we live on the coast, and the salt air does a number on the electrical box– talk about stressful cookie making.  We had no power for 2 days that year–I didn’t think I was going to complete the cookie project that year.  It’s kind of an embarrassing blur now, but I think I broke down crying when the home inspector came over and told me our repairs hadn’t passed and we couldn’t get the lights back on…

Flash forward to tonight– thankfully, the lights stayed on, and I was able to crank through the hardest part of the baking process– sugar cookies and refrigerator cookies.  All those formed or rolled cookies that need to chill in the fridge can sure slow the process down.  I’ve got all of them chilling in the fridge now, except the pecan sandies.

Had a couple of issues today– I wound up making 8 batches of vanilla sugar cookies because my featured cutter is so big…the dough wasn’t making very many cookies.  Also, after many, many years of faithful service, my balloon whisk attachment just gave up and snapped.  R.I.P dear whisk.  You have served me well.  Please keep Herschel and Paul Walker flush with cookies in wherever it is that good things & people go when they die.

RIP I had my back-up, but now I’m down to 1.  I turned to my 2 dogs when The Husband was in the room and said, “So girls, you know what mommy needs for Christmas, right?”

Hopefully he got the hint.

Aside from that, not much of note to report.  Things are going smoothly so far and even though there is a lot to do and it’s late, I feel like things are under control.

Again, famous last words?

I’m not getting much support from The Husband’s frogs who are weirdly enough, watching me as I type.  One of them is giving me “talk to the hand” and the other is just staring creepily…I think it’s time to go to sleep.







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