Christmas Cookies 2013 – Day 2

Start Time: 12:30 pm
Stop Time: 5:44 am

Complete: Chocolate Coffee Kringles (4x), Chocolate-Mint swirls (4x), Brown Sugar Spice Quatre-foils (2), Lemon Sugar Rounds (4x)
Mixed: Pecan Sandies (4x), Red Velvet Crinkles (2x), Extreme Brownie (4x), Earl Grey Shortbread (2x),

Balls. I’m tired.  It’s been one of those days fraught with challenges, little achievements and problem solving.  I’m amped, but totally tired, so this will be a short one.

I made too many of the chocolate coffee kringles this year, and made the mistake of using a really small cutter, ensuring that the rolling an cutting of these little effing cookies took 4x as long as it needed to.  I never want to see these cookies again, no matter how tasty they are.  Yeesh.

Next came the lofty goal of flooding all the sugar cookies in order to get ahead of schedule.  Not quite done.  I started that ambitious process at around 11, by hand-painting the dry white piping with metallics.  Four containers of old gold luster dust and 2.5 champagne luster dust, and the only ones that are flooded are the peacocks.  I ran out of old gold, so I’m going to need to run out to Sugar & Spice tomorrow.  Still, I’m ahead of the game.  The last of the refrigerator cookies are in the fridge, ready to bake tomorrow, and all that is left are the drop cookies– which I can do in my sleep.  Good thing because damn, I’m tired.

On to the shenanigans….

Sifting confectioners sugar by hand is just too pedestrian from some, I guess.  Not sure if it’s the idea of using power tools in the kitchen that appeals to him, or the intimidating 14 cups of confectioner’s sugar that needed to be sifted, but I turned around and found a power drill attached to my old, cheap, jenky sifter.  The Husband is either an idiot or a genius:

It worked great for about the first 6 cups, then the cheap aluminum said “no.” and broke.  It’s kind of funny, but also sad, because we spent the next 30 mins or so trying to figure out what other kitchen device would work to sift sugar, you know, besides one of the 4 sifters I have.  The blender was tried (it didn’t work), my food processor was dirty (so nope), and the 4 different sifters that can double as gold-panning equipment just sat neglected on the table while other options were pursued.

So what did we end up doing?  I mean, what did I end up doing? … Sifting by hand with one of my 4 gold-panning sifters.  *sigh*

I really can’t complain though, because this is the first time ever that I’ve had some of my cookies flooded on day 2.  It’s pretty awesome.  So despite my hands looking like I’ve been murdering smurfs all day (thanks peacock blue icing), and the metallic powder all over my clothes, I’m in a good place.

More tomorrow.  I need to sleep for a few.


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