Christmas Cookies 2013 – The Aftermath

It’s been a few days, I’ve delivered almost all my boxes, and those that aren’t in person are in the mail, on their way to far off destinations like New York, Hawaii, Oregon and Minnesota.

I feel relief, I feel satisfaction, and I admit, a little bit of pride.  I did a lot this year, and I made lots of people happy, and maybe even a few pounds heavier, LOL.  I called my mom and told her about my moment with grandma on my mind, and thanked her for teaching me how to make my own magic at this time of year.  I think I’ve even managed to inspire a few this year, and inspired myself to do more projects like this…retraction… maybe not exactly like this one, but similar.  I think I am going to do an assortment of sweets/cookies/pastries for valentines day this year, and I need to be baking more.  Not for people as much, but for myself.  It’s about how clear-minded I get when I do something like this.  If only exercise had the same effect on me…

I took a WordPress class last week, and am thinking about taking HTML & CSS, if only to get better at this part of it– I’ve been treating this blog like a journal, not sharing it with anyone.  And that’s ok– it’s still pretty self-serving.  But I guess it’s out there now– I accidentally shared it on Facebook while putting in my social media buttons, and I didn’t delete it.  It’s not that I think I have a ton to say– you have to be interested in a really particular set of interests to find what I write amusing or worthwhile, but I guess I left it out there since I’ve got nothing to hide, really.  Like I always say, baking has been a fun, stress relieving hobby for me.  I don’t think I could ever do it professionally.  I mean, the hours alone would kill me, and I can’t create on command– that’s a hard job.

But this– taking on some random projects now and then, coming up with a twisted concept and executing it– is fun.  And writing about it is kind of a bonus.  The Husband is always saying I should include a card in my cookie boxes that shares this blog with the person receiving the gift, but seriously, do you REALLY want to read about the things that happen or what’s running through my mind when I make YOUR cookies?  Those of you who know me best would probably say it’s better left unknown.  It’s a dark and twisted world in there sometimes, where all roads lead back to poo.  But that is another post for another time…

I can’t wait to hear from mom.  She’s the one person I try to impress every year, the one person who’s standards of beauty & cleanliness matter most to me.  So when she gives me her “review” of my step-dad’s cookie box, it always makes me happy.  I love all the photos of people’s kids chowing down on my goodies too.  It’s the funniest, purest reactions.  Those make me happy, and it’s rewarding to know that something like homemade cookies was the cause of joy and all that.  There’s something real about that, and it makes me happy.

Anyway, we’re still putting away all the cookie making paraphernalia, and there’s still sugar and crumbs around the house, but for the most part, things are back to normal.  We decided not to set up our tree this year, and just enjoy the winter break.  I think I’m ok with that because I can feel it this year.  Sometimes you have to make it happen, and sometimes the magic is just there.  This year, it’s here, and I don’t need to set up extra decorations to have it.  I’ll probably get a wreath this weekend, simply because I like the smell of Christmas, and I may even bring myself to make marshmallows from scratch again this year.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m avoiding the kitchen as much as possible for a little while.

And that’s ok too…

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