Bucket List Item #1066

Holy crap. I had a Cronut™.

In fact, I literally had 1.5 Cronuts (cronai?). It’s crazy how this happened, yet it was pretty organic in the way it came about.

So this awesome friend of mine who lives in NY, has been posting on my Facebook wall about all the Christmas cookies I was making.  I wound up sending her a box (she’s been on my cookie list in the past, but I didn’t have her addy in NY), and COMPLETELY did not expect anything in return– just her joy in eating was good enough for me.  But she posted on her wall about eating a Cronut, and I of course, posted my envy & drool.

Quite jokingly, I poked her about a cookies-for-Cronuts trade, thinking this was totally impossible and just me being funny/sad/pathetic in my *drool* postings.  Lo and behold, she sends me this link about goldbely shipping cronuts and then TOTALLY MADE IT HAPPEN.  I got a frantic Facebook chat message asking where I’d be Tuesday, and this lovely woman SENT ME A CRONUT.

I still cannot believe this happened to me.  This is the kind of stuff I do for other people.  It doesn’t happen to me and I don’t ever expect it to.  Her obsession in getting a Cronut to me in Menlo Park is something out of my very own playbook of crazy-yet-thoughtful-and-a-little-scary.  And I seriously officially love her for it.  She did not know about my 6 month long obsession over this pastry, is not related to me by blood (only through the Asain-rice gene), and had no real reason to make my dreams come true.  She said something very sweet and kind to me, that was completely touching and amazing about this being the least the universe can do for me for all the stuff I do, and it seriously made my day/week/year.  It was so unexpected and so just…wonderful.

It’s the kind of thing that happens during the holidays, the kind of thing you must pay forward, and the kind of thing that makes me go to the crazy-yet-thoughtful-and-a-little-scary lengths that I do.  It’s just nice to know someone else does it too.

So here are the pics.  And if this does not make you want to do something nice for someone who least expects it, your heart may be two sizes too small…

2013-12-17 13.45.402013-12-17 13.45.20-12013-12-17 13.46.032013-12-17 13.46.10  2013-12-17 13.56.492013-12-17 13.56.552013-12-17 16.09.062013-12-17 16.09.12

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