Christmas Cookies 2011 – Day 3

Start time: 9:30 am

End time: 1:34 am

Goal: 20 recipes baked, decorated & packed by Monday night

Take that Day 3!!!

Here’s the update today:

Totally complete: Gingersnaps (double recipe), Chocolate chip ( quadruple recipe), Peanut Butter (triple recipe),  Snicker doodles (triple recipe), Lemon rounds (triple recipe), Pecan Sandies (quadruple recipe), Chocolate Sugar (double), Coffee Kringles (double recipe), Cherry Cheesecake Cookies (triple recipe), Mint cookies (double recipe), Extreme Brownie Cookies (quadruple recipe), Mexican Wedding Cookies (quadruple recipe), Vanilla Sugar (double), Pistachio-Cranberry cookies (double), Drop Sugar (double), Chinese Almond (double), Soft Chocolate chip (double), English Shortbread (double), Chocolate-covered Oreos (2 wholes packages), Oatmeal Raisin (quadruple recipe), Thumbprints (double), Bacon Maple (quadruple)

Mixed but not baked: Egg Nogg Kringlas (double),

Success is about redefining goals. Scratch that, success is about meeting redefined goals.  I’ve got 16 types of cookies in my boxes this year, and 5 kinds that are going with me to work for my poor underfed co-workers.  Here’s how the day went down…

After yesterday’s no good very bad day in the sugar mines, I have to say that today was a big bowl of awesome.  I started by getting up early & doing my “limber up” routine and getting a jump on the clock.  Husband had to go to work today, so I lost his extra hands on the project, but I think the solo push did me good.  First task of the day– get the royal icing piped so that flooding can start.  If you’ve never heard of flooding, this is one way to do it:

I left my sugar cookies to dry and jut dug into the remaining recipes.  Since most of the dough was in the fridge, in need of baking and I could go no further with the sugar cookie decorating, I had some time on my hands.  Idle hands man, idle hands… What exactly can 1 desperate baker do, with a busy oven. to add a little panache to a box of cookies she feels is lacking because of the mishaps of the day before? Oven-less, pretty, tasty…hmm.. oh wait– dip some Oreos in good-quality dark chocolate and PAINT PEACOCK FEATHERS on them with edible glitter, DUH!

Yeah, you totally didn’t see that one coming, and quite honestly, neither did I.  I mean, yeah, I had bought a box of Oreos from costco with big dreams of doing just that (spoiler alert–you did read the words “peacock feathers” so you can guess what my box theme is this year).  But I think a part of me was accepting to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete it.  Oh, but I did.  And normally I don’t fawn over my own work, but these look amazing.  With my newly found confidence, I began the extensive process of packaging all the cookies in poly bags.

Maybe a little OCD, but what a difference the bags make.  Gone are the days of packaging cookies in parchment in my boxes.  Do you know how easy it is to make professional looking cookie boxes when each type is individually packaged by type?  I am never going back, and note to self, I’m getting a sealer next year (so says the Husband and he beith the Lord).  In between poly-bagging, I added my details to the sugar cookies.  Again, beautiful– glitter, vibrant colors, strategically placed jimmies & candies.  Suddenly, I truly believe that I can do this.

Kick start the adrenaline.  Bacon cookies go into the oven, egg nogg cookies cooled, bagging continues and I’m flying high.  This is why I do this.  This is the reason I break my back and push my sleep-deprived body to do things mere mortals don’t dream of attempting.  Ok, backseat the poetic waxing, but seriously, this is exactly why I do this.  Suddenly, it’s FUN again.  And my Christmas spirit is through the roof.  I want these to get done, packaged & boxed so that the people I care about can oogle my goodies.  Literally.

Husband comes home and gets into the chocolate dipping & packaging.  The sugar cookies are dry and those too, are individually bagged with care.  My chocolate brown boxes are lined with jewel-toned tissue (purples, greens, teals, gold, brown, blue) and brightly colored card stock for a flat base.  The cookeis are neatly crammed in and the tissue folded over and the copper seals are put in place.  The beautiful tags I made with glittery blue & brown card stock and the silky peacock specialty paper from Paper Source are affixed and my 35 boxes (in 2 sizes) are ready to go.

I am so tired.  My house is a mess.  The dogs have probably ingested quite a bit of chocolate and more than their fair share of dropped candies, but I’m done.

Off to bed– real job awaits me in the morning, and it’s oddly feeling like a vacation.

G’nite everyone.  Merry Christmas!



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