Christmas Cookies – Box em up!

Holy shitballs.  You will not believe it.  We are out of xyron adhesive at work!  And to make matters worse, I realized (as I was pulling into the parking lot this morning) that I completely FORGOT all my sale boxes at home this morning.  What a dunce.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

So this evening, I raced out of work, hit MISERABLE traffic on my way home and then proceeded to run around like a mad woman looking for xyron refills to finish my tags.  Alas, none to be found, so in a last ditch effort, I went to Michael’s again.  I knew they had this really shitty “creation station” which does laminate, adhesive and magnetic backings in an “all-in-one” machine.  I grudgingly picked one up, as well as 2 replacement cartridges (of COURSE they were out of the full size replacements so I had to buy small), and raced home to finish up.

Let me say that upfront, I knew the thing would be a piece of crap.  It’s plastic, and nowhere near the professional version we have at work.  My home xyron isn’t great (it’s still plastic, but at least it’s full size and a mid-range model), but it makes this P.O.S creative station look like a child’s toy.  Not to mention the adhesive cartridges are freaking OLD and crappy, so it’s ruined a lot of my paper and isn’t sticking well.  What a piece of junk.  I’m so angry with this low-level insult of a machine that I have half a mind to take it out back and smash the hell out of it with a baseball bat like they did in the movie Office Space, to the cruddy fax machine…

I’m going to try and take it back, despite having used up the cartridge that came with it, because it’s SO BAD.  I will never use this again, and am really considering getting a professional, heavy duty model like the one at work.  My god I’m so bitter about this inferior machine.  I know, I’m a snob.  My expectations for quality tools like this are pretty high, considering I work with a Creative Design team for a living.  I get exposed to all this cool stuff, so I won’t stand for a piece of shit machine with crappy, old adhesive… it’s just… offensive.

Anyway, tags are done.  A bunch of the boxes are done, and I can finish the rest tomorrow night and still make my 12/17 deadline.  Yeesh.  This has been a real gauntlet, and I’m feeling the pressure.  At least the ribbon looks nice!  And I made stickers for the inside lids!  For the first time EVER, I’m letting people know about this blog.  I’ve got to get over my nervousness about sharing this broadly, because I do think it’s really cool that I have been documenting these adventures for years.  Also, the handy cookie decoder is a nice thing to have and share so people know what they are eating…

Anyway, I’m spent.  I’m tired and irritated with the crappy machine (I know, let it go already), but it’s DONE.  And that’s what counts.

more to come!



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