Christmas Cookies – The Aftermath, Part 1

Delivery day went well for the most part.  I took my cookies to the East Bay for the Christmas party, then dropped them off at a few places in Pleasanton.  The only hiccup is that I intended to deliver them to the East Bay office over the weekend, but I couldn’t get in.  Either I’m fired and don’t know it, or my company no longer leaves the building badge-accessible over the weekend.  Lucky for me, one of my dear friends who works in the office over there was willing to sherpa my goodies for me.  I owe her a coffee to say the least.

I’m feeling better about the whole drama and near-derailment of the project this year.  In retrospect, things have been manageable and I’m a problem solver by nature, so I thrive on this kind of stuff.  The boxes look great.  They are being given out, people are happy and I’m glad it all worked out in the end.

I’ll be mailing them out on Sunday, where they will travel to exotic lands like Berkeley, Hawaii and Las Vegas.  My annual tradition is nearly in the can.  These weren’t the most amazing boxes I’ve ever created, and I feel like there are some types missing this year, but overall, I would call these a success.  I really like the ribbon this year (black and gold) and the tags, though drama filled, are pretty and elegant, so I can safely call this a success.  Most people won’t recognize the mistakes or see the mishaps as I do, and I am really looking forward to hearing the crinkle of plastic bags at work.

When I chose my chocolate brown boxes years ago, I had this crazy hope that over the years, they would become something special and recognizable.  I know it’s silly, but I was going for the same kind of recognition that Tiffany’s “little blue boxes” has, but on a much much smaller scale.  I hope that one day, the sight of my boxes will be something that people know to be a wonderful, beautiful, tasty treat.  Something special with a little brand recognition.  Perhaps one day, this will be the case.  All I can do is continue to build on this wonderful thing I’ve got going, and each year, I hope that someone looks forward to these, and hopes for a brown box come Christmas time.  To me, that is the thing that makes this all worthwhile.  The pleasure I get is directly related to the happiness and joy others get from digging through their cookie box each year.

I love and welcome feedback, thoughts about the new cookies– what people liked best or didn’t like at all– and above else, hearing which was each person’s favorite so I can do more of that in years to come.  So this is part 1 of the cookie aftermath.  I’ll be doing one last post with my final thoughts, then it’s goodby until the next crazy project.  All in all, this was a success, and I continue to do my part to spread holiday cheer to the people I care about.  Merry Christmas everyone.



2 responses to “Christmas Cookies – The Aftermath, Part 1”

  1. Omg Jenn! Your cookies are stunning and delicious this year (as Always). And I had to laugh reading your aspirational brand recognition because you have achieved it. I opened the post office box they came in with out looking at who sent them and as soon as I saw your brown box I thought, “yes!!! The Canditos are still on the delicious cookie list!” Thank you my friend. Your artistic and culinary talents blow me away every year. Xoxo

    • That’s FANTASTIC and it warms my heart. One of my co-workers said something similar– his youngest son recognizes the box when he beings it home too. That’s more than I need to feel like my efforts are totally worth it! And of COURSE the Canditos remain on the list. You guys are family, no matter how long it’s been. Love you all lots. Happy Holidays!

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