Christmas Cookies 2012 (12/7 – 12/10)

It’s that time of year again folks, and the prep work has begun.  Here’s where my mind is at, as visions of sugar plums dance in my head…

  • It’s not about topping last year, but I like to aim high.
  • I’ve selected 16 cookies for my box and 4 for my poor, underfed co-workers to enjoy.
  • I’ve decided that the chocolate brown boxes are to be my signature, what with the color scheme of my site these days.
  • SPOILER ALERT: This year, it’s been all about birds & owls for me, so you can guess my theme.
  • I have ordered a poly bag sealer and some new cookie cutters for this week.
  • The Costco flour, sugars and eggs are all in their places, waiting for the big day.
  • I plan on doing a few gluten-free cookies this year.
  • I am determined to learn from last year’s mistakes and have begun devising my game-day plan for efficient baking.
  • Paper Source & my local specialty cake shop (Sugar & Spice in Daly City) has been visited.
  • I now own a cookie scoop!

So here’s the goal: 20 types of cookies, baked, packaged & boxed by Sunday night, 12/10.

Amidst all this hubbub, I must make a cake for my department’s holiday party that will take place on 12/6.  I’ll blog about that project later and share the pics.  It’s gonna be an ankle of a good time.  Also, to add a bit of a challenge for myself, yet another project looms– a super secret gingerbread house with a little bit more “grrrr arrrgh” than normal.  Also another blog for another day.  So lots to come in the next few weeks.  I’m itching to start, and I’ve already gotten ahead of the game by getting into the holiday spirit and jump starting my adrenaline.  I am raring to go and totally inspired by the 2012 entries I wrote.  I know it’s a little self-serving to read my own blog, but I do believe that I may be the only person reading these except my mother, so that’s ok.  As long as I am inspiring someone– even if that someone is me, lol.

The sugar & flour tornado is about to hit mt house in T-minus 3 days, and I can’t wait.  Hold onto something everyone.





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