Christmas Cookies 2012 – Day 0

Start time: 11:06 pm

End time: 11:52 pm

Goal: 20 recipes baked, decorated & packed by Sunday night

Here’s the update today:

Mixed but not baked: Vanilla Sugar cookies (double), Chocolate Sugar cookies (single)

Today was my company’s holiday party, so after recovering from a day of ugly sweaters and creating a sick but hilarious leg cake, I decided to play it safe and get a jump start on the cookie madness.  I implemented change #1 from lessons learned last year:  Get the rolled sugar cookies that need to be iced done FIRST.  I decided the only just course of action was to mix my dough tonight so it can chill overnight, then get a good night’s sleep & get up early in the morning.

Now, 2 new challenges remain on the horizon due to poor planning on my part:

1) The Owl & hummingbird cookie cutters I ordered have still not arrived yet.  I will need these to complete change #1…

2) The bag sealer(s) that the Husband & I ordered have not arrived either.  Now, these I don’t really need until Saturday so I’m not going to worry yet.

Did I not tell you about the bag sealers?  I know I mentioned them, but I may not have written about the “doh” moment leading up to the purchase of TWO sealers…neither of which have arrived yet.

So here is the primary difference between me  and the Husband.

The way he shops: Jenn need bag sealer. Bag sealer cheap here. Only $60.  Maybe break after 1 time use, but only $60. Husband buy.  Husband no tell Jenn.

The way I shop: Remind Husband for about 2 weeks that we need to price this thing out.  No visible movement, so Jenn decides to take matters into her own hands, despite this being Husband’s thing.  Google “bag sealer” no, “food poly bag sealer”.  Visit 5 or 6 sites, comparing models, reading product reviews, pricing out replacement heating filaments, add-ons, comparing bells & whistles.  Decide on  1 model with cutter.  Go back through top 3 sites and compare pricing.  Decide to get a little more machine than I need (passed over the 8-inch model for the 12-inch model, because let’s face it, sometimes size matters).  Find 12-inch bad boy on sale for $115 and feel proud– this will last me for years to come and best yet, the replacement filaments are only $16 a pop and there is an add-in kit you can buy to make your own poly bags from poly sheeting.  Requests 3-day shipping.  Jenn is proud.  Jenn tells husband all about amazing purchase.

The end result of this tangent is that we both bought sealers this past weekend– me for longevity & Husband for the quick fix.  Now, if you’re anything like me, there is NO QUESTION which one is going to get returned and which one is getting kept.  Despite the utter disappointment Husband is going to feel about this unfortunate series of transactions, Mr. $60 is getting sent back.

Did I mention neither has arrived yet?

Anyway, sooo not the point.  I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight and start early in the morning.  2012 Cookie Madness starts here my friends.  Cross your fingers that my Owl cookie cutters arrive tomorrow, along with these 2 mythical sealers…


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