Christmas Cookies 2012 – The Aftermath

Today I delivered a bunch of cookies to work.  My poor, starving co-workers gorged themselves on sugar & butter concoctions and to hear their happy full-mouthed talking makes it all worth it.  Cookies made it to Facebook this year in a couple of posts, and it really does make me happy to make so many people so happy with something I created.

I believe most people go over the top because they want recognition or praise.  To me, that is the part that is hardest to swallow.  I am happy that people enjoy the things I make, but I really don’t thrive on the “OMG, so good!” comments.  For me, it’s the act that is important.  I think that most people skate through life doing the bare minimum to get by.  Any effort is seen as “amazing” to most, and it’s really rare for people to go over the top on something and do for the sake of doing.  The people I most treasure in my life understand this about me and in their own way, follow this same philosophy.  You do something because you want to, not because you need the recognition.

I think this is why I never really wanted to blog about this stuff or do this kind of thing professionally.  For me, the whole process is very internal and personal and I can’t imagine putting myself out there like that.  The fact that I am trying to keep a journal of these experiences is a conundrum, but I think my need to inspire and document what inspires me has become just as important as the philosophy itself.

I am inspired by all kinds of things–just look at my Pinterest boards– and I want to add to that I think.  These crazy food adventures that I share are like snapshots of my moments of inspiration.  I hope that one day someone, or I am reading back on these things and are re-inspired to do something great.

I packed my last 2012 cookie box tonight and all that’s left to do it mail them out.  Time to spread my holiday spirit all over the place, lol.  The physical pains are almost a memory, and I will be going for a massage this weekend.  But in hindsight, it was worth it.  I feel accomplished, satisfied and content that maybe I have made a difference for someone through baked goods.  Whether it’s inspiration or courage to try something like this, or if I made someone feel special because (surprise) another human being took the time to go overboard for them, that’s all I need.  It’s a really good feeling.

And I can’t wait to spoil my step-dad with his big box of decadent cookies…sorry ma.


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  1. Merry Christmas! Your step-dad is in Heaven, with his treasure trove of cookies spread out all over the counter top in front of his chair. The individually wrapped works of art (those beautiful owls!) are set aside as “too pretty to eat”, while he parttakes of Chocolate Caramel and Extreme Brownies with a reverence likened to a religious experience.
    You make the world a happier place, and I am so very proud to have the privilege to be your mom. We love you!

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