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Christmas Cookies 2013 – Day 3

Start time: 4:30 pm Stop Time: 6:30 am Complete: Red Velvet Cookies (4x), Chocolate Sugar Snowflakes (4x) Mixed:  Salted Caramel Rounds (4x) AAAAAAAaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh!  Today was a bit of a wash.  I can’t believe it, but my favorite baking supply store (Sugar & Spice) was closed today!  On a Sunday?!  It would make more sense that … Continue reading →

Christmas Cookies 2012 – Day 1

Start time: 10:30 am End time: 4:15 am Goal: 20 recipes baked, decorated & packed by Sunday night Here’s the update today: Completed: Vanilla Sugar (quadruple – flooded!),  Chocolate sugar (double – flooded!), Pecan Sandies (quadruple), Chocolate Chip (quadruple), Lemon Sugar Rounds (quadruple), Cherry Cheesecake cookies (double) Mixed but not baked: Candy Cane cookies (double), … Continue reading →