After being told on numerous occasions:

“You should write a blog!

“You should have a website” or “What’s your website?”

“Why don’t you do this professionally?”

I gave in.  I’ll admit, writing is another one of my passions, and I’ve always thought about doing something like this, but needed a push.  After taking a big word of mouth baking job for a co-worker in 2011, my husband (who will be henceforth known as “The Husband” when I write about him in this blog) said, “You need a website.”  And that was the final straw.

Lucky for me, a dear friend (who shares my love of the San Francisco Giants and passion for sweets) was taking a flash class, and her enthusiasm was catching.  I did not do any flash here, but her enthusiasm was catching and she inspired me to move forward.  They (whoever “they” are) say there is no such thing as a coincidence, and my day job is to work with a bunch of talented designers.  These guys are always keeping me on my toes, making me self-conscious of my fonts, colors, consistency, layout and user experience practices…So I constantly must bribe them with bacon cookies and goodies from time to time to not feel so guilty when I ask dumb, rookie website and graphic design questions…

The name “CAKEooh” came about almost accidentally:

 Keiko  Cake12012-12-22 17.06.33

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