Christmas Cookies 2014: A Letter to The Husband for 2015

Dear The Husband,

First of all, I love you. And I know you support me any all of my crazy ventures. And I appreciate you. A lot.

I’m writing this letter in hopes that when we embark on this crazy cookie adventure next year that you will be able to come back to this, laugh, maybe get angry with me and roll your eyes, but then take some tips from the 2014 version of me. The very annoyed, frustrated, “I-told you-so” 2014 version of me.

Did I mention I do really love you?

  • The night before cookie madness commences, please leave me with a clean, tidy kitchen. No dirty dishes in the sink, no wet, greasy, accidentally unclean “washed” dishes in the drain tray.

Why, you ask?

Because it completely stresses me out.  And I have to spend valuable time cleaning up after you before I get started.  I don’t expect an OCD version of the kitchen (I’m a realist), and I don’t mind putting away a few clean dishes & bleaching the counters and sink before I get started.  But by no means should there be food all over the counters (used & unused), a sink full of dishes and rice all over the oven.

  • Please don’t pull out all my pans, bowls, measuring cups, silpat, etc and leave them out on the counters & flat workspaces.  I know you’re trying to be helpful, and the thought does count, but basically this too, stresses me out.

Why, you ask?

Because we have very limited clear space in our kitchen, and when everything is in the cupboards, drawers & cabinets I know EXACTLY WHERE IT IS.  Feeling lost & confused when I’m trying to crank out 4 days of cookies frustrates me, slows me down and kills my confidence in the daunting task at hand.  You know I do appreciate a good challenge, but a scavenger hunt during the madness that is my holiday baking isn’t cool.

  • When I tell you in July that we need to buy a new mixer before the holidays this year, I TOTALLY mean it.  To be dead in the water, 1 hour into day 1 is just…wrong.  If I have to give you a “why” here, we need to get a divorce.   Yes, I’m joking…sort of.

Did I mention, I truly love you.  Deeply, with all my heart an soul.

Now, my dear Husband, let me set you up for success in 2015.  If you DO want to help and support me, here’s a few things that will make me so happy that I’ll want to brag about you to all my friends & family.  The night before the madness starts:

  • Clear off the dining room table, wipe it down & cover it with a clean sheet so it’s ready to go in the morning.
  • Clear off the counters, put away food stuffs and for bonus points, wipe the counters down.
  • Set up the extra table that we use every year as extra workspace.

I don’t want to come across as naggy or “that” wife who doesn’t appreciate everything you do, because I really do.  You do so much every day and I do notice it.  The thought that you put some effort to try and set up my baking supplies in a way that makes sense to you, is sweet.  It shows me you love me and it’s a really thoughtful gesture.  However, the key point I’m trying to remind you of for next year is that it’s not about what makes sense to you or what you think I need. It’s about the long history we have together in doing these amazing projects.  It’s about how I count on you to have this down to a science the way I do, and help me trouble-shoot what went awry the previous year and consistently do the things you did that really helped.

Thanks for listening.  I am going to go check on the mixer now and see if I can’t fix it myself.  If it is in pieces and I’m bleeding and crying when you get home, that is why.





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