Christmas Cookies 2016 – Day 1

Start Time: 12 pm

Stop Time: 4:00 am

Goal: 23 types of cookies, packaged, wrapped & ready to deliver on Saturday 12/17

Completed:  Vanilla Sugar (6x), Chocolate Trees (4x),  Brown Sugar Spice (4x), Chocolate Swirl (4x)

Mixed: Coconut Cutouts (3x), Mint Chip (4x), Candy Cane Cutouts (4x), Geode (2x)

Super ambitious goals were set today, and I actually met them!

I started my day early, and got to Sugar & Spice by 10am to buy the last of my ingredients and decorating supplies.  I love that shop and hope it never goes away.  She has everything in there.  Places like that make me wish I had a larger kitchen.  Well, I guess it doesn’t take much for me to wish I had a larger kitchen…but you get my point.

Anyway, I set out to get ALL the cut out cookies at least mixed today, and somehow I accomplished that as well as (wait for it) decorating my chocolate sugar trees!  I have never, in all the years I’ve done this, had a cookie done and ready to be packaged by the end of day one.  Feeling confident and admittedly, a little gloat-y.

I’ve got big plans– rock candy geode/crystal looking wedding cakes are kind of a thing this year, and I saw a YouTube video on how to make  them, so I thought: geode cookies– I really really want to try this.  I think I’ve got a plan cooked up, but since these cookies need to be baked on the backside of a cupcake tin to get the shape right, I need to get further along as I think these might wind up being a time suck.  I baked a couple with the remnants of the sugar cookie dough as a test, and they didn’t come off easy, so I need to re-evaluate.

MOTU came over and we got to work.  It’s crazy how she & I can work in tandem in the limited space of my kitchen.  This is why she’s my sister from another mister.  Most people think they want to be part of cookie madness, but they have no idea what that entails.  MOTU is the badass mofo who not only gets it, but came back for more this year.  God love her.

Anyway, the plan is to flood all the cutouts tomorrow, so we are in a good position to do that, since they are all mixed and chilling in the fridge.

paintingMOTU helped out with some of the fondant & gum paste decorations  again, and after doing them this year, she sped right through them.  We were able to ice and sugar the chocolate sugar cookies before calling it quits (this is where it gets funny).  To go with my theme this year, I decided to leave the chocolate sugar trees plain, and apply white, brush embroidery icing to them before pressing them into a plate of white, silver, gold, and holographic sugar dust.  It’s a mixture of luster dust, edible glitter, sugar crystals and plain sugar, and I use the same tactic I used in grade school to cover something in glitter.  The icing is the “glue” and when you press the freshly iced cookie into the glitter, it sticks and makes it look all pretty.

Well, luster dust is really lightweight… so when I mixed it up on the plate, there were dust clouds of sparkles everywhere.  My house is COVERED in glitter and sparkles right now.  The glitter mixture looks like something a fairy would snort to get high.  And MOT2016-12-18-13-44-06U & I were inhaling it for a few hours.  The inside of me nose is literally sparkling.  The more we realized we were making fairy cocaine (street term would be ‘glitzen’) the more hilarious it got.  Pretty soon we were making jokes that we were inhaling dried unicorn blood… yes, we are sickos.  Delirious sickos.

Since there was a lot of leftover glitzen, I saved it for another use…in a baggie…not sure what the street value is…

Anyway, joking aside, I’m feeling really accomplished and like I am so far ahead of the game.  Tomorrow we finish baking the cut outs, flood them and get the other refrigerator cookies in the fridge.  Maybe it’s too early in the game for me to even think about this, but I’m thinking that I might for once, have some time to relax at the end, but we’ll see.   That could very well be the unicorn blood talking…

More tomorrow!



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