Christmas Cookies 2016 – Day 2

Start Time: 10:30 am

Stop Time: 3:00 am

Goal: 23 types of cookies, packaged, wrapped & ready to deliver on Saturday 12/17

Completed: Coconut Cutouts (3x), Mint Chip (4x), Candy Cane Cutouts (4x), Peanut Butter (4x)

Mixed:  Geode (2x)

Day 2 and I’m not sure how I feel.  Yes, all the cut outs are baked and we flooded 3 of them today, but I somehow feel behind schedule.  I had wanted to get all the refrigerator cookies mixed today, but that didn’t happen.  I forgot just how much time the flooding takes for this many decorative cookies.

Woke up feeling terrible today– I think something we ate last night was off– both MOTU & I were feeling not right.  I then proceeded to overheat in the kitchen, so I started to feel really unwell and had to lay down for a little bit.  The Husband (god I love this man) set up a fan in the kitchen so that there is one spot where the fan and the breeze from the open kitchen window hit each other in such a way that a little vortex of cool occurs.  We put a chair in this spot since both MOTU & I tend to run too hot most of the time.  It’s wonderful.

MOTU pointed something out today that I’d never thought of, but it’s something that really illustrates the point of the insanity of cookie madness.  As I’ve shared, my kitchen is on the small side, for the type of volume I do.  She took a photo of the space I’m working with when I roll out and cut my decorative cookies, and I realized just how small it is:


Yeah. That’s it. That’s my space for rolling out cookies.  I don’t know if it’s miraculous or insane that this kind of volume comes out of my kitchen.  Thought I’d share.

2016-12-11-21-27-44I am loving the mint chip cookies, and I’m not usually a chocolate-mint fan.  The only exception is Thin Mints, and these cookies taste just like that.  This is a keeper, despite being a bit of a fussy dough.  It’s super soft and you have to constantly re-refrigerate it or the cookies don’t hold their shape.  Normally this is a deal-breaker for me, but they taste wonderful.

I have to say, so far the cookies had been total hits with me.  The Candy Cane cookies (made with real, ground up candy canes) and the Coconut Sugar cookies are both super yummy.  BTW, I’m NOT a fan of the way coconut smells as it’s toasting.  Toasted, sure– smells wonderful.  But while it’s still damp? So freaking gross.  Maybe it’s just me, but I smell a mixture of cat pee and something metallic.  Perhaps it was the food poisoning messing with my senses…As usual, I digress.

While MOTU and I were flooding, The Husband pitched in and made the Peanut Butter cookies.  He’s got the drop cookie production down to a fine art.  Give the man a scoop and he’s unstoppable and quite frankly, a little more OCD than me when it comes to cookie perfection in terms of shape and spread (dirty).

Tonight there was more laughing, this time, about the confectioner sugar sifting. You know in movies, when the horrifying reveal of a drug cartel processing house is revealed?  Where there are all these naked (so they can’t steal), usually asian or foreign people working to package the cocaine or count the money?  I had both McIrish and The Husband sifting, and between the powdery substance, the gloves and the wrongness of my family it really went down that path.  I don’t have any naked pics to share, but:



I know I’ve said it before, but I freakin’ LOVE my family.  Between MOTU’s sadistic desire to help me with this project, to The Husband’s ingenuity and wherewithal, to Fatty McIrish constantly checking in on us to see if we need a drink, break or anything at all, I just feel so (sounds cheesy, but true) blessed.  These people are my family, and it’s clear they would do anything for me, as I would them.  Sometimes it makes me want to cry because I feel lucky.  I’ve always had the most unconditional love in the world form my mom, so that even though I grew up with an unstable paternal unit, I never felt lacking.  With McIrish and MOTU, I have that same thing.  Crazily enough, I met McIrish at my television job and MOTU through my current company.  Nuts, how that happens.  I would not trade either of them for anything in the world.  And I would not only help them dispose of the body, but ask what brand of rope, bleach and gloves they prefer.

If you’ve ready any of my other posts, you know that family and love is a significant part of baking and cooking for me.  The fact that I can share this madness with the people I love the most is a precious, magical gift.  It’s people like this that makes the long hours, the cramped hands and sore back all the more worthwhile when I do this kind of project.  I know they don’t need me to do it, but they are the people I do these nutty things for.  It’s all out of love.

Alright, enough with the sappy mush… Day two is in the bag.  Again, not feeling nearly as confident or accomplished as I was yesterday, but I remind myself that I’ve gotten a lot done and am still ahead of it.  So far, this year has been filled with the joy and laughter I’ve needed, and THAT is what this project is all about.

Good night!


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