Start Time: 11:30 am

Stop Time: 1:20 am

Goal: 21 types of cookies, packaged, wrapped & ready to deliver on Tuesday 12/17. And one Godzilla themed, gluten-free (among other things) birthday cake to deliver on 12/14.

Completed:   Pecan Sandies (4x), Coffee Sugar (4x), Snickerdoodles (5x), Vanilla Sugar (6x), Coconut cutouts (4x), Mint Chip (4x)

Flooded:  Brown Sugar Spice (3x), Mint Chip (4x), Vanilla Sugar (6x), Coconut cutouts (4x)

I had no idea I had so many muscles in my hands… How do I know now you ask? Because they ALL ACHE. Holy moly, I was not expecting to feel this sore on day two. Getting older sucks. Gone are the days of being able to pull an all-nighter then be productive the next day. I am just not at that point in my life anymore. Did I mention my hands are shot?

This morning, I woke up at 8:30, realized I couldn’t move any of the joints in my hands, feet or arms then decided to not get out of bed right away. After a brief conference call with MOTU, where we compared ailments and broken-ness, and a quick snuggle/nap with the dogs, I got moving. Grudgingly. Dude, this hurts

Why I can’t get out of bed on the first try…

I started the day with baking the Godzilla cake. Since I did a reset of my kitchen last night before bed, everything was fairly clean. I still re-cleaned it two more times to ensure there was no cross-contamination and did a couple of “doctor scrub” hand washes. Seriously, I am not going to be responsible for sending my friend to the emergency room on her birthday because I didn’t clean well enough. Call me paranoid, but I can’t have that on my consciousness!

I had a stroke of genius for this cake. I really didn’t want to do something that was more suitable for a child than a certified nerd-girl. So here’s the plan. Tropical islands, volcanoes, and palm trees. I can’t wait put this together tomorrow.

I got a lot done, but I can tell my pace is just not as frantic as it used to be. I’m moving a lot more methodically, comfortably and all around not being as big of a spaz about things. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I usually just THRIVE on the madness and this year it doesn’t feel the same. It’s like I’ve somehow dialed it down a notch or something. I feel “off”.

The shortbread cookies are in the refrigerator, ready to go either tomorrow when MOTU gets here, or perhaps Saturday while I’m delivering Godzilla. Either way, they are mixed. I wanted to have some extra this year as we are always short on shortbread at the end, so I did a 5x recipe of each. These are some of my favorite cookies to have extras after boxing happens, so I think this is a good call.

I’ve been thinking a lot (big surprise here), and right now, Potsie is on my mind. She got her Tiny home this year (yay!) but that means she’s not around as much (boo), and I’m missing her energy in my orbit. She brought a brightness to the house and to cookie time, partially because I think she likes to “dumpster” the broken cookies (aka, eat them all so I can’t throw them out), but mainly because she’s super into things like this. She appreciated the madness and the process, and I love that.

This year however, I’m happy to have a new addition to the mix: Trash Panda. She’s been here, helping me and despite all the stuff she’s got on her plate, she’s all in too, helping me frost chocolate sugar cookies. I love my family so much. I know it sounds cheesy, but I can’t help but feeling very blessed this year. I’m not the kind of gal who has a wide circle of a million friends — my tribe is a small one– but the ones I do have are so deeply connected to me that it’s humbling.

I’ve had so many reminders of this, just in the past few months. I’ve never felt a connection to a traditional community based on proximity or shared location. I find people far too “people-y” for my taste and would rather be alone than make small talk with someone. To me, the world around me is just so disconnected and I have never felt like I truly belong.

However, my chosen family is truly my village. We take care of each other, no questions asked, nothing expected in return. If one of us needs, we all pitch in, simply because this is what we need to do to take care of our own. The world outside is so big, and sometimes it feels like we’re all islands, on our own trying to make it alone. But here, with my village, we have support and care for one another.

There is nothing superficial or obligatory about the way I love them, and in turn, the way they love me. This wonderful, supportive, healing village around me… There are no words. How lucky am I to have these truly wonderful freaks in my life.

Ok, getting a little weepy for some reason. I’m too tired. It’s been a day. I’m tired, sore, and feeling a bit behind. But it will be OK. Tomorrow MOTU arrives to work along side me and to help The Husband cover my shift Saturday where Godzilla makes his debut.

Tomorrow is another day, another recipe. Good night!